Attention: Technical Managers

All of our products are integrated using around the open Emit Pulse platform. If you’re a developer and would like to hack on the platform with us, get in touch!

Grid Editor 1.1

At its most basic, Emit Pulse needs to know what’s on the radio now, and what will be on the radio later. The Grid Editor allows stations to experiment with future programme schedules and only push them “live” once they’re happy with how it looks. Stations can input programmes, presenters, images, and other metadata then, using a simple drag-and-drop interface, place programmes on a grid with up to 15-minute granularity. The Grid Editor can handle alternating weeks, special events, and automatic grid changes.

ROD System

Radio on Demand, or “re-streaming”, allows listeners to time-shift radio to suit their own ability to listen. Like ABC’s iView, you can present your listeners with a catalogue of programmes to listen to. Once set up, the system automatically records selected programmes, and places them online for streaming. As long as you keep your grid up to date in the Grid Editor (and your presenters keep to their schedules!), the system “just works”, with no manual intervention required. Listenership statistics are available as well.


In addition to on-demand listening, we also offer live streaming. The big point of difference here is that since Pulse knows which shows are on when, the stats reflect actual listening patterns for the individual shows. You’ll be able to see which shows are the most popular, both with live and on-demand listeners.

Emit Guesser (Beta!)

In beta (and we need a better name), this product guesses the audio being played on the radio, and places lots of information into Pulse. Everything from the artist and album to beats per minute (BPM) and how “talky” the piece is. Want to find out which show on Australian community radio plays the most danceable songs? Thanks to the Guesser, you can run a query against Pulse to find the answer.