Data as a service

Build your radio tools with Pulse API in mind, and get access to an ecosystem of other tools, all communicating through Pulse.

Emit Pulse is a Data as a Service (DaaS) supplier, hosted in the cloud. Buzzwords aside, it’s an open database full of information about community radio in Australia. Except for some commercially-sensitive statistics and setup details, the data is open and free to look at by anyone, no login required.

We have a simple and logical RESTful JSON-based API, so Emit Pulse is already compatible with pretty much every modern (and ancient) programming language out there. 

Emit Pulse enables data-rich applications for Australian community radio, and it's the core of all the services Emit offers.

Station names, call signs, and information

Our database includes all community radio stations in Australia. If that's you, you're probably already in there.


Current programme on air

What's on right now? This one's being used on several websites, and three smartphone apps.


Next n programmes

What's coming up next? And the one after that? How about tomorrow at 6pm? This endpoint is what powers our own radio on demand system.


Location of Radio On Demand audio

If the station uses a compatible radio on demand system, you'll be able to stream the audio from a published endpoint in the system, Build your own on-demand app!

Listenership statistics


And more

Got some ideas? Join in the fun!